Our Health Center is a medical clinic staffed by a doctor and a nurse. Also the staff is composed of a health director, ,NNADAP  worker and a receptionist. Added to this is a Head Start Program for children under 6 years.

For appointment call:  506-735-0676

Regular physical activity - even at moderate levels - reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity. 65% of canadians are considered obese. So while the risks associated with not exercising are clear, we don't seem to be doing anything to change our sedentary ways.

The Madawaska Maliseet First Nation has build this gym to accomodate those who would like to get fit physically. Free of charge, no membership and available to all the community members, young and old.  

Put mouse cursor over photo to enlarge Fitness Trainers available Open Monday - Friday  8am to 9am  Saturday 8am to 5pm & Sunday 12pm to 5pm MMFN Site Plan (English) Community Health Rep. Micheline Plante Gym Attendant Laurie Wallace Gym Attendant Rhonda Bélanger Head Start Sue Bélanger Français Health Director Catherine Bernard Medical Secretary Amy Thériault National Native Alcohol  & Drug Abuse Worker Michel Pelletier Contact by e-mail, click on photo with this icon Band Mermbers Health Requests Cleaning Personnel Mail: feather@nbnet.nb.ca Mail: atheriault.health@hotmail.com Mail: michemplante@hotmail.com Mail: michelfoxpelletier@outlook.com Social Worker Steven Couturier Nurse Elaine Collin

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