The Madawaska Maliseet First Nation (MMFN) is considered the gateway to Atlantic Canada and is surrounded by beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The First Nation is located near of Edmundston, NB off of highway 144. The First Nation shares borders with Quebec and the U.S.

The Maliseet of Wolastoqiyik are a Wabanaki people who are the indigeneous peoples of the Saint John River valley and its tributaries, between New Brunswick, Quebec and Maine.

Unique to this community are the original four families (Bernard, Cimon, Francis et Wallace) who are an integral component of the First Nation. A grand total of 547 members. The population of the reserve is 198, 56 are registered residents (non-native) Right now, the Madawaska Maliseet reserve has  100 homes and a appartment complex of 8 units.

The Madawaska Maliseet First Nation is one of the most prosperous and thriving communities in New Brunswick today. Surrounded by pure economic potential, the community and leadership remain committted to their vision and desire to be self sustaining. This combined with hard work and creative thinking has enabled the First Nation to accomplish great things in leadership, governance, economic and social developement, education and housing. Simply put, Madawaska has set high standards as the definition of a successful First Nation in Canada, let alone in New Brunswick.

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