As a strong Wəlastkəwiyik woman, I have a vision of my peoples' re-unity.  Although I trace my ancestry back to the Madawaska Community, my people have migrated up and down the St. John River from the Bay of Fundy to the St. Lawrence River since time immemorial. In today's modern time our people have been separated by communities along the mighty Wəlastəkw (Beautiful River).  We have separate governments, separate locations (reserves) and have been divided by government imposed citizenship (or membership) to each community location.  We are one Nation, a people, with a common traditional territory, language, history and culture.  Unfortunately, there is not one organization that represents our people politically.  There is not one voice to speak for us to other Nations or Governments, and this puts us at a disadvantage.

Unity has been attempted in the past but with little success.  This should not dissuade us to keep trying.  I believe that the time is approaching for this re-unity and I will do what is necessary to see this happen.  There does exist a Maliseet Grand Council group of passionate grassroots people.  I am hopeful for this group in that they have the power of the people and are strong.  However, they require the respect and support from Indian Act elected Chiefs.

I also believe that we must heal our communities to enable us to be a strong Nation.  This can only happen by focussing on our issues from within.  I believe strongly in education and learning so that we can better understand ourselves.  It is important for us to ensure the continued development of self-sufficiency and capacity-building for our membership.  Our Elders are to be involved and consulted when decisions affecting our future are concerned.  Health and Community involvement are vital to the success of any community moving forward.

The history in our community is also of vital importance to me as a leader.  Correcting the wrongs and recognition by the Government of the lands that were eroded from us over the past 250 years has been a focus of mine for almost 20 years.  Currently, our Specific Land Claim is at the Specific Claims Tribunal and I focus much of my time on seeing this to completion.

Leading a community that has a strong, fair, honest, secure, accountable, and transparent government, has always been my goal.  I believe that we are doing our best to hear the voices of our membership and make our community a proud successful one.


Chief Trish

AAAEDIRP Committee (Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program)

MMFN Site Plan (English)

My purpose as Councillor is working side by side as a team with my Chief and Council in a transparent and accountable manner for the well-being of all band members.  The success of the Economic Development of our First Nation will help us to reach our goal to be a self sufficient First Nation.  By achieving this goal, my vision to access better support for healthy and active lives will be realized.  We will have access to the right tools to guide our youth in the right path to an educated and happy life.  I believe that learning more about my roots, my history and my culture will help me succeed in accomplishing my mission.  I pledge to do my utmost to carry out the duties of my position conscientiously, loyally, honestly, and to the best of my abilities, remembering that my primary duty is to serve the members of the band.

Chief Patricia (Trish) Bernard Councillor Donna Wallace Bourgeault

As a Councillor, I am committed to always being available to discuss band members’ concerns and issues. I am a good listener and a problem solver. I believe in the seven values to being a good person: Honesty, Wisdom, Truth, Respect, Love, Humility and Courage.

We have come very far with our big Economic Development project, The Grey Rock Power Centre, and I will continue to support the growth of our highway to better our community and our members.

Councillor Diane Pelletier Français